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Are You Experiencing a Life Transition?

People in transition often call on a financial advisor for assistance. Here are a few examples of events or life circumstances that may call for the services of a financial advisor.

Anyone Senior Executive or Sales Executive
  • Retirement
  • Rollover of a retirement plan
  • Death of a spouse, parent or close family member
  • Inheritance
  • New job
  • Major promotion
  • Bonus
  • Exercise of stock options
  • Big commission check
Business Owners Retiree
  • Sale of your business
  • Sale of a major capital asset
  • Merger
  • Death of a partner
  • Receipt of IRA rollover assets
  • CD matures
  • Bonds called
  • CD rates drop
Self-Employed Professional Inheritors
  • Sale of your practice
  • Receipt of inheritance
  • Death of spouse

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